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The Saga of a Mountain Girl. Dr. Harisuman Bisht

The Saga of a Mountain Girl | Book Review

By Pempa Tamang

Sometime earlier Noted Poet/Translator Manprasad Subba had given me this book as a compliment. I hadn't been able to give time to go through. Now that its been quite sometime I decided to have a look.
This novel is about the story of a Bhutia woman of Uttarakhand region. These people are nomadic and depending on the seasons they move from high hills to low plain area with their herds of animals.
While in the low land of Ranganga river belt a young girl is seduced by a local brahmin villager. Once defiled her father considers her outcaste and decides to abandon.
Left alone with few animals to support her life she struggles her way to come out successful and prove her worth to the world.
Though the narrative is not unfamiliar and nothing innovative but the way the writer picturises village is quite unlike in nepali fictions. Nepali language writers idealises village life and make it romantic but Dr. Bisht doesn't do so. His narrative is more realistic and characters drawn true to lives. The other characteristic that I noticed is there are incidents which are hlarious and humourous and this make it interesting reading. Village life is full of mischievous fun and humour but unfortunately we seldom find them in nepali fiction.
But Dr. Bisht philosophises extensively and for a simple village girl to be so introspective and thoughtful belie character development. Bhutia girls are Buddhist by faith and they have different view of life than an average hindu woman. But the difference is not spelt out clearly.
This novel was originally written in hindi language and Manprasad Subba has translated it into english language. Translation is flawless and I should say outstanding. He has used his poetic skill to the fullest to make this novel poetic. One notices the vocabulary used by translator. Words like niche, raconteur, petard surprises the reader...
Though I haven't read the novel in original but I can say this translated version is more readable and interesting.
Congratulations Manprasad Subba